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Jorge was born to Eastern European immigrants in the South American city of Buenos Aires, an elegant, seductive place with a ragged edge, and laced with old-world languor yet full of contemporary attitude.


Music had a profound effect on Jorge's life, and from a very early age he understood that God created man in His own image, to be an instrument of praise, and therefore with the ability to sing, and to make music as a complement to the voice.


A highlight of Jorge's career in ministry was when his call to a special vocational service in the church was afforded a specific recognition by the ecclesiastical authority and he was set apart to be a minister of the gospel.


From the drafting board, the xacto blade, and the wax machine all the way to social media, streaming video, and podcasts, Jorge's journey has always been filled with great expectations and tons of excitement. 


The oldest and one of the most prestigious regiments of the Argentine Army, the 1st Infantry Regiment "Los Patricios" (Regimiento de Infantería 1 "Los Patricios") was Jorge's home away from home for almost a year and a half.

Language and Cultural Competency

Jorge enjoys meeting people from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Everyone is unique and so different! History is also all about traveling and interestingly the Holy Book states that in the latter days, travel and the migration of peoples will dramatically increase.


Jorge and his beautiful wife, Adrianne—"best cook in the world"—live in Charlotte, NC, USA. They recently celebrated their thirtieth-third wedding anniversary! Today, two of their four sons are married and blessed with wonderful wives and children.

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Jorge Rudko . Author . International Speaker . Mentor . Jorge Rudko


"It's not what you have but who you are that impresses me the most"
- Jorge Rudko -

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