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Digital overdose?
A prescription to "unplug"

Who is in control of your mind?

How FREE are you?

Humanity is out of touch. And the touch screen is to blame. Ironic, isn’t it?
Every digital process, each social media exchange, takes us three steps
forward and two steps back in connectivity.

We’re inundated by an almost infinite number of systems, sensors, and syncs.
It won’t be long before our minds won’t decode VR (Virtual Reality) from RL
(Real Life). Our brains have been hacked, rewired toward the artificial.


We are logging-off mankind to enjoy man made. And, now, we face an identity crisis. How exactly are we to be
in the world without being of the World Wide Web?


Hacked Minds challenges the reader to unplug from the matrix of cyberspace so we can understand what it is
to be human again.




I'm Jorge Rudko,
the author of


and I'm
to announce
A Guide for Healthy Minds,
the workbook for students
 is already available!


On the other hand,
you can find out why Hacked Minds is a must read for everybody!

Jorge Rudko . Author . International Speaker . Hacked Minds

"Hacked Minds is sobering yet fascinating!"
- Joe Hollier -

ABOUT JORGE - Author . International Speaker . Mentor

Inspirational and practical!
His expertise and passion is remarkable as he presents
high quality, energetic messages. Jorge applies Intelligent Practice–and doesn't allow any room for boring lectures
or mindless theories!
He is indeed an outstanding World Class Communicator!


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